Christmas Day at Cape Bird, Ross Sea Antarctica 2006 The Different Faces of Time, Southern Greenland, August 2009 A Sense of Purpose & Connection, Svalbard June 2009 The Brittle Sea, Svalbard May 2009 Prince Albert II in Svalbard, June 2009 Antarctic Storm, Antarctic Peninsula December 2008 On Top of the World, North West Greenland, September 2009 The Hard Change, North West Greenland, September 2009 Port Lockroy, Antarctic Peninsula, December 2008 Eqip Sermia with Snow Squall, West Greenland, September 2009 Autumn Comes Too Soon, Eqip Sermia, West Greenland, September 2009 Evigheds Fjord, Eternity Glacier Greenland, September 2009 The Constance of Change, Paradise Harbor, Antarctica February 2010 The Prince of Monaco in Svalbard, June 2009 Lyubov Orlova in Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, December 2007 The Drake Shake, Drakes Passage, December 2007 Those Who Come To See For Themselves, East Greenland, August 2006 Rolige Brae Glacier, Scoresbysund, East Greenland, August 2006 Rasmussen Glacier, East Greenland, August 2006 The Sky Darkens, Antarctic Peninsula, December 2008 When There is Sunshine, Antarctic Peninsula, February 2010 The Greenland Sea, Near Svalbard, June 2009 Glacier, Raudfjord, Svalbard, June 2009 Iceberg in Bellsund, Svalbard, June 2009 Glacier in Hornsund, Svalbard, June 2009